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We are a full Personal Computer sales and service company. We are proud of our partnerships with DELL and HP in our quest to provide our customers with the best quality and largest diversity of computer products and peripherals. In addition, we also offer our own line of custom  IBM compatible hardware.

Dell Desktops and Notebooks and Servers harness the power of emerging technologies to distinguish themselves for top performance and  high productivity throughout the industry. Corporate as well as individual buyers  consistantly choose Dell for overall customer satisfaction. Give us a call today with your requirements!

Together with Dell, we offer a complete line of Hewlett Packard PCs and peripherals for  business or home use: desktops and workstations, home PC peripherals and accessories, mobile products, notebook PCs, printers, scanners, fax and copiers

We analyze your needs, your present and future requirements and provide you with PC hardware that will fully satisfy your demand for computer power not only today, but also in the years to come.

We will fully install, support and maintain our hardware, giving your people a tool ready for business, and the support to use it.

Please E-Mail or call us today for more information. We will surprise you with our professional help and our friendly welcome.

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